Sunday, December 10, 2017

Baby it's Cold Outside...

 I took a break from sewing my OMG project to take a neighborhood walk.
We've been under an inversion of COLD this week so I had to bundle up, but the fresh air felt good.
Sorry for the blurry picture. My phone does not like the cold.

Our days have been so very grey that even our little window solar figurines aren't dancing.
Our highs are only 27-29 degrees and the nights are in the teens. Brrrr...
As you can imagine, everyone's saying if it's going to be this cold, let it snow!
Mayybbbeeee not THIS kind of snow, but a white Christmas is always on my wish list.
Yet, after last winter  I have to admit, it's nice not to be shoveling snow yet.
Just dropping in to document our weather and to say hey!

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  1. We have cold here in our part of Southern Ontario Canada about 29-30.
    But less than 2 hours away in Buffalo they had no less than a foot of snow during their football game where the home town Bills won and players were making snow angels on the field after the game.

  2. We got snow (and now it's all gone!) Thankfully we didn't get those below freezing temps that you have!! You can keep both, as far as I'm concerned.

  3. We aren't quite that cold but did get the snow.

  4. Oh my goodness! We just had our earliest and biggest snow that I can ever remember. We got about 10" at my house - surrounding areas got from 6" - 13" ..... we live in Alabama. We don't even know what snow is, much less how to deal with it. Just two inches can shut down our entire state! :-)

  5. It has been freezing on this side of the mountains too. At least today was beautifully sunny! Stay warm!!

  6. Today was actually warmer at 45, but it was 5 at 7am...We need some white stuff soon for the tourists, but I want it not to interfere with my daughter making it back from college on the 21st!

  7. We got 10 inches of snow last Friday and Saturday! It is melting now, and I should be able to get down the mountain later today. But it sure was pretty while it lasted! I put a pic on my blog header for the winter view.

  8. It was cold here a few days last week so I can sympathize but we're expecting a great day here 😍

  9. Brrr. It sounds too cold for my likes.

  10. same weather here / just a light dusting of snow the other morning...what is funny that neighbors who moved from here ( he is the Air Force / I took their dog Lily prior to their first move ) are now in Texas, and they have snow before us in PA :)


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