Monday, December 4, 2017

Moving Forward...

Well I returned home this weekend. My Meme duties finished, for now. I'm grateful for the precious moments I got to share as our daughter and SIL settled into their new home and welcomed their new little baby. I soooo enjoyed all my newborn cuddle time.

I also had the duty of unpacking and setting up the boys' bedroom. I never tire to seeing my my quilts being used and it was rewarding to see the boys' dinosaur quilts together and looking good.

My daughter texted me this picture below this morning exclaiming: "I swaddled him in one of your receiving blankets and he slept from 11:00 pm to 4:00 am."  Now, I'd like to think it was the blanket...but he really is such a good little baby and my daughter is doing a wonderful job nursing.
But hey, I'll take credit whenever I get it! Seriously though, sleeping newborns are just adorable. 

As we all move forward and begin to return to familiar routines, life is good for big brother too. He is loving his baby brother and even started at his new preschool today. He told his mom on the way that he was excited to be back at school...but misses his two friends. I miss him already!

So with that said, I'm back to sewing. I won this fat quarter bundle awhile back and it arrived while I was gone. I'm thinking of making two receiving blankets with them, with flannel on the back. Please do share  if you have any quick pattern ideas. I also have my Dec. OMG goal and wool stitching to keep me out of trouble, I mean busy. All truly are fun sewing, that I did get a chuckle from your previous comments how each project "was so me." You guys are the best! Thank you for your continued bloggy friendships and for inspiring and motivating me with your talents as well.
Until Tuesday Archives tomorrow, I will close wishing you a fantastic day!

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  1. Sleeping new borns are the best when they are sleeping between 11pm and 4am or 6 or 8 am.
    Mom does need to get at least 3 hours of sleep sometime.

  2. I'm certain it was your blanket that allowed such a luxuriously long nap! That's the power of Meme's's filled with love :)

    I've never made a receiving blanket, so I don't have a pattern to share. But I don't think you can go wrong with those pretty fabrics!

  3. How exciting for you and your family. New home, growing family...blessings galore! Big brother is quite handsome in his hat.

  4. Oh that baby is so sweet. Newborn snuggles are the best. Big brother looks pretty excited too. Have fun with the fabrics.

  5. So wonderful that you could be there for your family's BIG transition! New baby, new house--I can't even imagine that, but it must have gone smoothly to have such a chill baby. It's been fun seeing the beautiful pictures of your sweet little guys. I'm sure your quilts and blankies have a lot to do with their adjustment to life and new surroundings.

  6. I am so happy you have these blessings in your life. :) Xoxo

  7. Welcome to the new addition and glad to hear the transition is going well for the entire family!!

  8. Oh, how sweet and precious those little ones are. They come straight from heaven. I truly understand that grandma love as I became one (twice) this year. I am so happy for you.

    Your daughter is so lucky you could help in so many ways. Not only a new baby but moving also? Wow!

  9. Precious photo of you cuddling your new grandson. It sounds as if he and your daughter have got it all worked out.

  10. How lovely is it to see those quilts being used. What a sweet bundle of joy

  11. what a precious baby. How wonderful to visit your quilts and see them being used.

  12. What a memorable time for you and your family! And it's great to see your quilts in use. Fun times!


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