Saturday, December 16, 2017

That First Snowfall

For some reason a skiff of snow seems to make all the 
difference in the world in making it feel like Winter.

We sat up and played cards last night and just watched it snow. Perhaps tonight we'll have a fire?
I love when it snows. I really do. It broke our ten days of a gloomy inversion and blanketed everything in a wonderful coat of white. Welcome Winter. We're glad you are here.

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  1. Oh you got a nice amount!! We had about 3 inches the other day and that held for a few the temps went up to about 40 with some sunshine and it is melting off.

  2. Oh, its lovely. Our 10-inch snowfall is just about gone now. It would be fun to have a white Christmas!

  3. So fresh and pretty! Looks like you'll have a white Christmas :)

  4. How pretty your wintry wonderland looks. How fun to stay up playing cards and watch the snow fall.

  5. beautiful-I am feeling the same way these 60 degree days are just Not winter for me-lol next week things are to change for us too and hopefully a little snow for us too-enjoy!!

  6. Yay! It’s really pretty! No snow here in Oklahoma yet :(

  7. Wow, all of that snow. Truly pretty and wintery. We rarely get snow here, but a lot of rain.

  8. We've been freezing our butts off in Portland! But we're headed home to Colorado today just in time for the frigid temps to arrive 🤣


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