Thursday, March 17, 2016

FMQ: Play Ball!

 Many of you know I enjoy quilting for Project Linus....
And well, I thought this one made an appropriate share for Saint Patrick's Day!!
Image result for leprechaun
I especially enjoy when the Project Linus ladies give me a fun strip quilt like this one below.
It provides the perfect opportunity for me to practice my free motion quilting: 

I wish I took a picture of this quilt before the quilting (I need to get better at that) as the quilting, with it's wishbones, stars and spirited words, transformed this fun flimsy into a quilt some little guy, somewhere, will really love. (At least that's what the PL ladies said when I dropped it off.) 
Happy Quilting for sure.
Wishing you a little luck of the Irish!!
Click on the picture to read more about Project Linus:
I volunteer here:


  1. Great job! And great that you participate in this wonderful project.

  2. Going to try this on the next strip PLQ I get. Thanks, this is cute and looks to be pretty quick.

  3. I agree! This is adorable and some little guy will love it. Great quilting!

  4. What a great little quilt. Well done!

  5. Strip quilts are so much fun to play with. Some little ball fan will absolutely fall in love with this one. Good job!

  6. Such a clever idea! Some lucky kid is sure to love a quilt like this.

  7. LOVE IT! Your quilting is amazing, Val. I'm sure this quilt will put a smile on someone's face :)

  8. This is a fantastic quilt and so fun! Love the quilting, Val. Such an inspiration!

  9. Super cute! I also love stripe quilts. Love your quilted words.

  10. liking the quilting and this has given me the right pattern for a quilt I am attempting to quilt the wishbone should work if I can master it very well on the sashings


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