Monday, March 21, 2016

Stay-cation Day 3: Bloom QAL #1-8

I spent the afternoon getting caught up on my Bloom QAL blocks.
New Sew Along!
It's fun playing with my stash of 30's and Lori has great tips that sure make these easy peasy to put togethter. Red sure is an eye catcher. I'll have to be sure to balance that out as I go.
Tonight, I'm going to prepare blocks 9-12 as I watch the Season Premier of Dancing With the Stars!
Get blocks nine and ten sewn up tomorrow...then I'll not only be caught up, but actually ahead.
Gotta love that feeling! I know Tonya is doing this QAL but wonder if anyone else is??
 Please comment if you are, so I stop by and see your blooming garden as well. 
Till tomorrow.

Val's Quilting Studio


  1. Your blocks look amazing! This will be a beautiful quilt.

  2. Your blocks are so beautiful. I love your fabrics, always. You didn't put up a theme for next week in your Tuesday archives. I hope it will be circles.

    1. Circles it is!! Seriously this year has just been zooming by for me.

  3. Your blocks are adorable. I had too many other projects I committed to so I had to pass on this one. I will just enjoy seeing your and Tanya's.

  4. Such a gorgeous and happy quilt. I absolutely love it.

  5. loving the blooms, one day I will master applique but till then will not join any QAL, do have 2 of Lori`s books so must make an effort

  6. Sure does say spring is here! Lovely.

  7. Love these colors. The red makes it more interesting. Beautiful!!!

  8. Your blocks look great Val. I am doing the sew-along too, but of course I have to be different. I am doing fusible applique an doing blanket and other stitches around my blocks. I am not sewing on the borders because I don't know how I want to set the quilt or even if I want to make mine with all the blocks or not. But I am loving making these blocks.

  9. Those look wonderful. I am still working on Scrap Dance Tango. If you end up with extra time, come do a table topper.

  10. These look great all together!


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