Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tuesday Archives #107: Crumb Quilts & Pattern Winner

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Before I get to the linky let me congratulate my Quilty Adoption Winner:  
Kathy in the Ozarks it's you!!! (lucky #3)
I'll be sending you your Amish with a Twist Pattern this week.
And thanks again to Cynthia for creating this fun even for us.

This week's theme is: CRUMB QUILTS

I was inspired to add this theme to my "notebook" when I saw Sharon's Scribbles quilt as she shared her 2010 quilt inventory with us under the Tuesday Archive's Sampler theme awhile back. I just loved her little story below, especially knowing what an awesome scrap-busting quilter Sharon is:
Scribbles - this quilt was made by just dumping the old scrap bin and letting my grandson pick a scrap and they were added bit by bit until the floor was clean. It needs to be quilted and bound. I think a cuddly flannel needs to be used for the back. This will go into the tote for future charity quilts


  1. I love all sorts of scrap quilts, and finished a crumb quilt just a couple of weeks ago. It was a fun work, and I've already started another. Yours is so pretty, and letting your grandson picking the fabrics seems to have worked well.

  2. Oh no, I realized that it was not your quilt, but anyway, a fun and colourful quilt.

  3. I was going to link this one - and here it is! This is one of my favorites and it did go to a charity drive for a fire victims fund. Will look for another post now.

  4. Congratulations Kathy. Thanks for participating Val in the adoption event! The next one will be in September :)

  5. Thank you sooo much Val-I know my new sewing-quilting friend will have allot of fun with your patterns


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