Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tuesday Archives #105: Chain Piecing

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This week's theme is: CHAIN PIECING

Oh, don't ya  just love the hummmmmm of your sewing machine when you have a pattern at hand that allows for some therapeutic chain piecing? It's always so very rewarding when those little pieces transform into something so much bigger.  (Like this, my Beach Houses quilt that has lovingly found it's way to my mom's home in Arizona. Love you mom!)
As I find my "style" of quilting, I realize more and more, that I like simplicity in a pattern and am not a fan of anything smaller than a 3"square. Thus, why  I'm especially looking forward to your links this week as I'm always looking for a new pattern that includes chain-piecing construction.
 (And if ya don't have a post, feel welcome to leave a pattern reference in the comments.)


  1. None of mine are quilts as such, they're all blocks that are easiest made using chain piecing - you could soon multiply them up to make quilts - have a great week Chris :D

  2. I chain piece just about everything. My most recent pattern (Woven Sticks and Stones) is quick, easy and great for chain piecing as well.

  3. I chain piece just about everything too. All the Scrap Dance mystery quilt steps, and all the Tango steps, plus just about every table runner and quilt are chain pieced. If it is possible to sew it by chain piecing, that's the way I do it.

  4. I'm learning from everyone's links this week that HST are perfect for chain piecing.

  5. I chain piece everything, I couldn't sew without it.


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