Saturday, December 13, 2014

Sat. Sampler Catch-up

Finally getting caught up on my Saturday Samplers. Whew! These are just 6 1/2" blocks and if you've been following me for any amount of time, you know how much I don't like "little". But I love this Deb Strain fabric line I chose and even more, the Saturday every month I get to spend with a quilty friend as we venture together to our Saturday Sampler meeting. I love getting into a quilt store. I love seeing what every one else is up to. We have fun shopping afterwards and going to lunch. So today, that's what I'm up to get my December block and lunch with a quilty friend.



I almost redid this block due it's many imperfections, but am glad I didn't.
Tommorrow is my sew day and I can't wait!! I'm going to work on my ALYofF layer cake quilt with Hallmark Christmas movies on as I sew! I might not even get out of my jammies!! So, with that said, what are you up to this weekend?
With smiles,


  1. Hallmark movies and sewing in your jammies! Wish I was there! I don't have much in the way of a family, it's my husband poodle and I, but I love me a Hallmark movie where everyone falls in love in the last 5 minutes!!

    Happy sewing my friend. LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  2. I love to sew in my pjs, but it will be football for me! The blocks are cute. I am sitting here on the computer and embroidering waiting for Sleeping Beauty aka my teenager to awake before I can get into my sewing room. Thanks for reminding me about the Grow Your Blog linking party. I signed up. Now, I need to dig through my stuff and see if I can come up with something for a giveaway. Enjoy your sewing!

  3. Very pretty blocks Val! Have a great two days of Quilting fun!

  4. Your sampler is going to be such a fun quilt because fun fabrics makes for a fun end result!

  5. I've got one more Christmas gift to send - pot holders made from the paper pieced tomatoes and carrot - for my Sister, and some local's gifts to wrap. There are always things to unpack, and lots to arrange. Can't have our tree this year... there is just no space for it.

  6. Have a fun day Val! I'm wrapping presents after enjoying a holiday lunch and gift exchange with some of my quilting buddies!

  7. Hi, Val - fun to quilt in jammies! I want to work on my Christmas tree skirt, which is also my ALYOF. At the rate I'm going, if I don't do it soon, it won't get done. This year! Also need to sew up some blocks for Sew Sweet Simplicity BOM. And do some quilting. And keep my husband out of trouble! Busy day ahead.

  8. the small blocks seem so much more fiddly to do these have worked well and the fabric is lovely

  9. I don't like sewing small either! These are so cute though!

  10. Bright and fun blocks, those are my favorite kind. Hope you got to enjoy your sewing day. One day after Christmas I'm going to do that. Spend all day in my jammies and just sew.


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