Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tuesday Archives #41: Long-Arm Quilting

Welcome to the linky party that let's you rejuvenate your old quilting/sewing posts! 
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Val's Quilting Studio


I'm a long-arm quilter.
I enjoy teaching myself the art of long-arm quilting. I mean, seriously, no one told me when I received my first box of crayons as a child, I'd grow up and be able to draw and design on fabric.  I have found all aspects of quilting to be my "happiness" muse as I transition into this new chapter of  life as an empty-nester and grandparent. (How does time pass so quickly?) I specialize in Edge to Edge Quilting for customer quilts and feel grateful to be able to create a quilt myself from beginning to end.
I enjoy Freemotion Fun.

 I also have an extensive selection of pantographs to choose from. 
I'll link my Long-Arm Quilting information page below but what I'm really looking forward to seeing in this week's linky party is YOUR long-arm quilting!! I keep a list of  all my favorite bloggers who Long-Arm too in my right margin (let me know if yours isn't there so I can add it too!) as I constantly find inspiration from you! I'm grateful for our virtual quilting group of blogging friends who so generously share and support eachother.


  1. I like your cartoon of the long arm(ed) quilter. It made me think of the, now extinct occupation - "shorthand typist"!

  2. It is always good to ha back and find a post that has been made a while ago

  3. I have only used the services of a long arm quilter once for the king size bed quilt I made about 15 years ago. I got to try quilting with a long arm a couple of times to get the feel of it, but never quilted an entire quilt. It was fun, but even if I wanted to own a long arm and frame, I wouldn't have the space to put it. I quilt my own quilts on my sewing machine and I rarely make bed size quilts, preferring to make wall art and lap quilts and quilted bags and things.

  4. Love your specialty LAQ designs Val! I remember seeing your sock monkey design and being so impressed! Just checked out your page to see more of what you've done. Your designs are such fun - the pterodactyl totally cracks me up.

  5. Love your quilty doodles!
    blogger is doing something weird--when I do open id (wordpress), my preference, an authentication screen flashes by so quickly that I can't read the numbers let alone type them in. It is happening on all with the same set up as you have for comments, so is a problem up the line that needs to be reported.

  6. Great topic today, Val, but I'm not a long armer so I will just browse everyone's great long arming skills. Have a great linky party today!

  7. Well I don't long-arm but yours sure looks pretty :)

  8. I don't have a longarm but a friend of mine does and quilted the cow jumping over the moon for me on baby quilt - loved it!

  9. I've never longarmed. I'm hoping when I retire, I'll have space and time to get into that aspect of quilting. You have some very fun pantographs.

  10. Hahaha the long arm quilter picture made me LOL!


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