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Val's Quilting Studio
You asked for it...here it is...
a directory to all our Tuesday Archives themes so far.
Read all about this linky party right here.
PS: If ya have any ideas for themes please comment and let me know!

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Alphabet Quilts
Antique Quilts

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  1. This looks great! Super cute and organized, just like everything you do.

  2. I love this listing page and will come back to it. I can see there were some good categories before I got into a weekly habit. Then I started brainstorming: K is missing; how about kaleidoscope quilts? Y for Yoyo. Z for Zebra (Iknow there is a pattern out there). U for UFO (either in waiting, in progress or finally finished). I thought we did Orphan blocks, was I dreaming? Alphabet quilts. Circles and/or Drunkard's Path block. I-Spy quilts. On POint setting.Monochromatic quilts. Round Robin quilts. Row by row. Strippy quilts. Wholecloth. Art quilts. Improv. Didn't we do Samplers?

    1. Oh Claire...your ideas are fabulous!! Thanks for our email correspondence about these themes!

  3. A couple more ideas: Improv, Kite block, Ocean wave, One-piece wonders, row-by-row.

  4. I love this list.
    What about BOW TIES...

  5. Or tablecloths and picnic blankets....

  6. Quilts of your travels (memories).

  7. I would like to see "Not the Same Quilt" as in two, or more, quilts done by the same person with the same block or the same fabric but that are obviously two different quilts. That would be interesting to see ... well, in my book anyway. ;^)


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